Welcome to The “Hey, Heather!” Podcast, where I attempt to interview and get to know as many of the world’s Heathers + their stories as humanly possible.


Anyone named Heather can apply to be guest – that’s the only qualification needed!

It’s also a platform for free self-promotion. I want the Heathers to talk about their businesses, and their passion projects so that we can help shed light on what they’re trying to accomplish.


Well, it all started with a random late night conversation with my husband. We were talking about how common our names are. Me being a Heather, and his name being Jason.


So I decided to look up just how many people are actually named Heather. According to Google there are ½ a million people named Heather in the US alone! Did not think there were that many!


So that got me thinking. How cool would it be to get to know some of these other Heathers, and would other people also be interested in hearing their stories?


I decided to test the waters by creating a few Instagram posts about the idea, and the response was overwhelming! And so the podcast was born!


Every Heather has been so different, but each once I’ve interviewed, I’ve had something in common with – like we were both dog owners, or we both love cheese, or we had both moved several times across the country, or we were both born in December. It’s been so wild!   


I’m obviously still collecting data and learning more with each Heather that I connect with, but I also post a lot of question on my Instagram for people named Heather to answer. Things like, are you right handed or left handed? What is your middle name? So we’re learning a lot from the answers we get there as well & that’s something that anyone can check out if they want to see some stats. 

Instagram: @theheyheatherpodcast


I just want to connect with as many Heathers as I can, and provide them with a platform where they can share their stories. We’re all so unique, but we’re also very connected, which I think is an important message to share.

Also speaking long term…it would be really cool if we could set a Guinness World Record for “Most Heathers Interviewed”, lol.


Right here on the website! It's also available on most of the major platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Amazon Music.


Just search for "Hey, Heather!" and look for the pineapples! 

Check it out: podfollow.com/heyheather

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